September 27, 2022

These technologies that we will be talking about a lot in 2022

While waiting for the opening of CES 2022 in Las Vegas – marked. The absence of major players in Tech such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel, MSI, and AMD – should highlight. The technologies on which the companies are focusing. manufacturers of equipment. The general public, certain emerging technologies in 2021 should attract the attention of many companies. And customers in the months to come.

Types Of Technologies In 2022

Here are some of the major technological trends to follow in 2022 …

NFTs technologies

According to Deloitte, the Blockchain has passed the “disillusion” phase of the Hype Cycle. And can finally impose itself in well-defined use cases in companies. Enough to change the business of many of them. And in this movement, a technology based on this concept emerges NFTs. “Non-fungible tokens” represent a new business opportunity for artists, video game creators. And for many companies looking for new models for their digital content (and other assets). Gartner predicts that by 2026, these NFTs will propel at least one company into the TOP 10 most valued brands.

The Metaverse technologies

So Much has been said about him since Facebook’s parent company was renamed. Itself “Meta” to better focus its efforts around this concept. The Metaverse is a vision that redefines our interactions with technology through technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. We will no longer be surfing the Internet and its websites. We will immerse ourselves in the Metaverse and its virtual reality services.

Microsoft has made it a priority for Teams and should launch Hololens 3 this year, Facebook / Meta sees. It is a priority for all its business, and Apple could well launch in 2022. Its famous AR / VR glasses have been awaited for so many years

Behavioral AI

There is a lot of talk about AI and its ability to understand, analyze and reproduce human voice and vision. But the next step is to use AI to understand, analyze, reproduce, and most importantly, influence human feelings and behaviors.
In 2022, a new word should be more and more present in the IT jargon of companies: Neuromining. The concept brings together ML / IA technologies to analyze and understand human behavior … with the ultimate objective of influencing them

L’Hybrid Work Tech technologies

Already very present in 2021, hybrid work technologies will multiply again in 2022. In particular, with ever more AI in onboard cameras on PCs and tools for capturing voices. And people in meeting rooms.The objective is to completely eliminate the borders that make. The face-to-face experience is different from the remote online experience. Merge the two to offer the same potential for virtual interactivity from “online” to those in face-to-face. The same human presence to those in virtual.

The Web3

Admittedly, this is a rather hazy concept. But that never held back the marketing departments. Considering how the term has multiplied in articles in recent weeks, it is very likely to see the term WEB3 multiply everywhere to qualify new services, products, and technologies. On paper, WEB3 surfs the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the Metaverse. The Web3 reimagines the Web with a very strong decentralization of services and greater respect for private life (see anonymity).

Intel’s GPUs technologies

The year 2021 was terribly marked by the shortage of components. This is especially true in the graphics card market . Where it is almost impossible to find the latest NVidia and AMD cards without purchasing a new, fully equipped PC. The shortage will continue in 2022 and Intel sees it as an opportunity to compete in this market. The preserve of NVidia and AMD.
Intel is launching a new “ARC” brand and its first graphics cards able to compete. With the NVidia RTX 3050/3060 and 3070 or even the AMD RX 6600/6700 and 6800 XT.
A strong offensive by Intel in a market that has not been successful so far could help make. The acquisition of graphics cards for desktop PCs less painful.

L’Apple M2

With its M1 processor (and its M1 Pro and M1 Max derivatives), Apple has not only reinvented the Mac universe. The manufacturer also administered a real technological slap in the face to Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. While the latter will react, Apple will have to demonstrate in 2022.

Its ability to pursue its innovations and maintain its lead in terms of performance/consumption/price ratio. Butt Logically, the manufacturer should introduce the second generation of “Apple Silicon” processors for computers later this year.

“Hybrid Core” technology

Mixing performance cores and energy-efficient cores in the same processor have been practiced for a very long time in the ARM universe. With the “BIG.Little” architecture.
Now, this hybrid concept is spreading to the x86 universe. It is even the great novelty of the 12 generations “Alder Lake” of the new Intel Core i. Core “Gen 12” already unveiled for desktop computers at the end of 2021. And whose mobile versions should be discovered during CES 2022?

The “Core I 12th Gen” will be the big stars of ultra-nomadic PCs in 2022. The performance promises to be excellent especially for the entry-level model “Core i3”. Which promises very accessible machines with performance that will no longer be sluggish under Windows 11. We know that AMD also relies on hybrid cores to the future to hold high Intel. It remains to be seen whether such a design has been adopted for future Zen 4. To be followed closely …

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