September 27, 2022
5 myths about practicing a sport during menstruation

5 myths about practicing a sport during menstruation

Do you think playing a sport during your period is not recommended? Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are five preconceived ideas about sport during your period, and doctors’ advice on Livi to continue physical exercise with confidence.

Sport causes menstrual pain: FALSE

Because menstruation usually involves pelvic pain, it is often thought. So that rest is preferable to playing sports at this time in the menstrual cycle. But many studies have shown that playing sports during menstruation can actually help reduce the pain caused by the contraction of the muscles of the uterus. Physical activity can be beneficial during periods of menstruation because it stimulates and improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, and thus relaxes the uterine muscles.

Playing sports can trigger periods: FALSE

Physical activity has no effect on the onset of periods. This received idea actually derives from the link between intensive sport and irregular rules. In fact, high-level sportswomen are more likely to experience periods of amenorrhea. This is because they burn more calories than they get energy from food, especially if they watch their weight. Their fat mass then begins to decrease, and the hormones secreted by the brain no longer send the right signals to the reproductive system: no ovulation, no menstruation. More Info

Exercise increases menstrual flow: FALSE

It is normal to feel like you lose more blood during your period if you play sports. But this is only an impression: during sports practice, the body is in motion and the menstrual flow therefore tends to flow more easily. The amount of blood does not increase, but the flow speeds up. Menstruation may therefore last less time, but appear more abundant.

Sport accentuates the symptoms of PMS: FALSE

Quite the opposite! Sport improves sleep quality, promotes falling asleep, reduces digestive disorders and has a very beneficial impact on mental health through the production of endorphins. It is therefore strongly recommend to practice a sporting activity in the event of premenstrual syndrome.

Some sports should be avoided during menstruation: FALSE

At present, there are no medical contraindications for the sports to be practice. However, the impact of this period on the body and the mind should not be minimiz. The aim of a sports practice is to expend energy and feel good, not to increase stress, to provoke additional pain or interfering with the normal cycle process.

You must therefore listen to your body, and favor, for example, low impact sports or sports that do not put too much stress on the abdominal belt. In addition, the loss of blood resulting from menstruation can cause more or less intense fatigue, even anemia. Here are some examples of sports to be practice without moderation, even during periods of menstruation.

the march sport

A soft sport par excellence, walking is an easy and effective sport, which has the advantage of not requiring any equipment, clothing or gym in particular.

The swim sport

We rarely think of swimming when we have our period, and yet: it is a very complete, pleasant sport, which does not generate sweating and allows you to take advantage of the light massages provided by the water. The body seems to be weightless, the movements are easy but effective. All you have to do is wear appropriate menstrual protection to avoid any risk of leakage: tampon, cup or even specially designed swimsuit, do not hesitate to test several solutions.

Floor dancing and bar

Classical dance and floor barre are low-impact and very comprehensive sports activities: the muscles of the body are continuously solicite. Be careful, however: other types of dance can be more energetic, and tire some women more quickly during their period.e

The pilates

Pilates is a gentle workout method inspire by yoga, dance and gymnastics. This practice aims to make the muscles work by combining physical exercises with deep breathing.

the yoga sport

Moreover, yoga is a holistic practice that allows you to relax, but above all to reconnect with your body. And your breathing thanks to a combination of meditation, spirituality, stretching, and postures. There are different types of yoga, the key is to find the one. So that best suits the needs and abilities of the body at that time in the cycle.

In general, it is also important to adapt your sports preparation during periods: hydrating well, wearing comfortable clothes. And healthy periodic protections is as important as choosing the sport to practice.

Finally, listen to your body: nothing forces you to train or play sports if you suffer too much during your period. The important thing is above all to take care of you. If the pain becomes difficult to bear or has too much impact on your daily life, do not hesitate to consult a doctor on Livi: general practitioners and gynecologists are there to listen to you, advise you and refer you to a face-to-face consultation if necessary. Read more

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