September 27, 2022
6 Ways to Monetize a Website or Web Application

6 Ways to Monetize a Website or Web Application

The web application is one of the most beautiful inventions of humanity, it’s a way to transmit knowledge. But it can also become a source of income!

In this article, I will list all the different ways to make money with an existing website (or app) so you can decide what fits best with your project.

Note that not all sources of income are always compatible with all projects, and that to earn money on the internet, you must at least open a micro-enterprise and declare your income!

If you want to start a micro-enterprise, I invite you to read my step-by-step guide (article) on the subject!

Web Application Advertisement

I think, on a personal level, that the current web is sufficiently saturat with advertising, but the fact remains that without that, certain projects could not have survived, and this article aims to be as exhaustive as possible.

Web Application Advertising network

A network is a network of advertisers (companies) who pay so that their advertisements are diffused on a large network of Web sites. Compensation is based on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (Cost per thousand views) and will depend on your traffic, your theme, advertisers and sometimes even the season.

The problem is that the interesting advertising agencies can be counted on the fingers of your hands, and it is almost impossible to miss Adsense, the advertising agency of Google.

If you are interested in knowing my experience with advertising networks, I published a Youtube video about it.


A partnership is a commercial relationship (of short or long duration) with one or more companies ready to pay so that you promote their services or products.

It is a less automated alternative to ad networks, but offers many advantages:

You can refuse companies that don’t suit you

No use of personal data by advertising trackers

Lots of formats/media possible (image inserts, videos, product placement, etc.)

Often less disturbing as it is better integrat

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Web Application Service sales

Because the majority of businesses in real life are not solely based on advertising/visibility. It is also possible for you to monetize the access or use of your site directly as a service, in several forms, listed below. Adesso

This is what is call “SaaS” (or Software-as-a-Service)

Licensing / Subscriptions

If your tool does enough of a service to people (in the broadest sense of the word), then why not just charge a monthly subscription (or unlimited license) to use it.

You can even offer a trial version in order to attract and reassure your potential clients!

For the management of subscriptions, third-party payment tools like Stripe or MangoPay will allow you to set this up very easily.

This is for example the economic model of Netflix, pays monthly. And you have access to the catalog of all films. Pay extra and watch in HD!

In-Web Application App Purchases

Do you want to keep the core use of your product free, but still want to earn money?

It is possible to follow the “In-App” purchasing model: Do you offer a site for learning languages? Give one language free when you sign up and additional languages when you buy after!

This model is widely used in video games (DLC) and in mobile apps!


In the case of complex software used by professionals, and sometimes even open-source software. It is possible to sell support for an originally free tool.

Many companies are willing to use software for free, even if it means paying a few thousand euros for support, advice, etc…

Not all projects are compatible with this model, and obviously, you shouldn’t degrade. The quality of the product to simply sell support behind it!

This is for example the model of the company Red Hat, editor. The Linux distribution of the same name, offering a premium support service.


If your site brings together a tight-knit community behind your work, whether for your personality or your productions. It is possible to offer them support through donations or crowdfunding campaigns, on different platforms

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